Autonomous Robot Localisation

  • Source: Practical project as part of Robotics: Science and Systems lecture
  • Type: Group student project (of 3 students)
  • Language(s): Python (and Matlab)
  • Description:

In this robotics project for the RSS lecture at the University of Edinburgh, we designed and constructed a four-wheel differential steering mobile robot for autonomous localisation in a known environment using LEGO aside of technical components including a Raspberry Pi computer, sensors and actuators. Besides the physical construction and design, we implemented particle-filter localisation and obstacle avoidance based on IR and sonar sensors.
In the end, the robot needed to navigate his way throughout an arena starting at a known deployment location without contact to obstacles. During this movement, the robot was expected to detect and communicate points of interest (represented by reflective tape on the floor) using light sensors and return back to its deployment location. Our robot consistently achieved this task, but its speed was insufficient to finish the returning in the five minutes time limitation.